iBUYPOWER Snowblind LCD Panel Gaming PC

When we created the Snowblind, it was originally meant for partners and commercial use only. We wanted the Snowblind to project any logo onto the computer, but I quickly realized that we can offer this product to our customers, allowing them to customize and create their own unique voice by easily changing the content. This took over 5 iterations of the panel before we felt that the clarity and color contrast were up to our standards. When we had the initial concept, it was so fragile that when you tried to transport it, it would crack. We reinforced it with our own tempered glass, which not only protected the panel, but gave it a sophisticated elegance. By us developing our own tempered glass, we’ve added multiple layers to make it fingerprint resistant. We launched this at CES 2017 and overnight, we had 2 Million views on the behind the scenes video on Facebook and over 21,000 comments on Reddit. We effectively created a new trend where “Do-it-yourself-ers” from around the world are trying to replicate this modification on their own PCs.

In order to show the how amazing this product is, we felt that this needed to be seen in person. We pitched the Snowblind to Best Buy and they are now carrying this product exclusively in 150 stores nationwide with custom branding and digital content to drive impressions and exposure. We ultimately helped Best Buy drive their average sale price of computers up by 20% year-over-year.

This product goes beyond being just a gaming PC, it is an artistic tool. We have changed the trend and mindset of what gamers expect from a system like this. We have set the bar and helped move the gaming industry forward.

The videos below are the commercials and behind the scenes videos that I shot and created.