iBUYPOWER Revolt 2 Case Study

For major Esports tournaments, the time it takes to transfer systems from the warm-up area to the lives stage can sometimes take up to 30 minutes. If you were a sponsor of the event, you wouldn’t want to waste time by not having your brand not on the screen. We solved this issue by working with ESL (the largest Esports broadcasting organizations) and asked them what would make their lives easier. The solution was to create a quickly swappable SSD mount that allows for easy transfer/setup of the Esports professional’s system. Something that took 30 minutes, took a matter of 30 seconds. These Esport events are held in national stadiums, holding up to 30,0000 attendees with millions of viewers. Every second you save by not having to set up is pure engagement for the fans. The more engagement, the more exposure you would get for the sponsors, which would in-turn, equate to potential conversions.

Even though we solved the issue with the tournaments, we wanted to make sure that the design of the Revolt 2 was unique and showed off one of the most important components in a gaming PC: The video card. Many case designs only allows the video card to be upside down, which hides the most beautiful part of the design. We felt that it didn’t make sense to hide something so beautiful so we changed the way a system would get built and restructured it for this case.

The Revolt 2 is one of the top selling cases for iBUYPOWER; Winning countless innovation and design awards. The gaming community yearned from something different and we answered with this product.

We ran a teaser campaign before the launch at CES, which you an see video below. The final product video was launched after CES in 2016.