Bob the Builder

I created this concept as a bid for the new Bob the Builder website. Unfortunately, I was beat out by a large design agency. I still feel that the quality of work was represented very well.


bob4 The idea was to reach a young demographic. Instead of saying, “Can we fix it?,” the primary messaging changed to “Can we build it?,” which was a more optimistic approach to the franchise. The look of Bob was also updated as well to fit more modern outlooks of “animation.” The site had to be simple enough for children to play and understand (see examples below) for also efficient enough for parents to navigate the site and purchase Bob the Builder merchandise.

A style guide was followed to make sure the branding and colors were consistent with Bob the Builder. Also, new friends were introduced to this updated franchise.

I created a concept for an tablet game called “Roley’s Adventure.” Kids can play smaller puzzles and tasks to help advance Roley on the game board.