michaelhoangIt’s hard to believe that I have been helping clients rebrand and doing marketing services for over 21 years now.

My parents helped me purchase my first copy of Photoshop at the age of 12 and I have been fortunate enough to work with great clients since then. As I continually grow, I’m constantly looking at the direction of marketing trends. We can’t deny that the tastes and and needs of the world are constantly evolving. I thrive in the fact that I am responsive with those changes, while keeping ground fundamentals with all aspects of design and branding.

Most importantly, I put all of my passion, thoughts and research into each project that the end result is something we can both be very proud of.

I only hope that you trust and honor me enough to help you and your business in any way possible.

// Michael Hoang


  • Brand Identity
  • Product Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media Marketing and Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization